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Many People have learned to be generous givers, but more than ever, God is also calling you to become a good receiver!

As a special thanks to our dedicated warrior notes partners, Kevin would like to share this first-ever, pre-launch book offer.

The revelation in Dr. Kevin Zadai's newest books, Receiving from Heaven, and You Can Hear God's Voice will build on each other to position you to receive from the heavenly realm. God is a spirit, and He wants to take what is from His realm and give it to you. You were made to hear God's voice.

In these two books, Dr. Kevin Zadai will reveal Heaven's reward system whereby God rewards you as you diligently seek him and supplies all of your needs according to His riches. Learn how to walk in your authority as a believer as you partner with God to fulfill every page of your heavenly book.

Order this exclusive, pre-launch book offer, and you will also receive Kevin's brand-new Altar Fire CD. This CD will create an atmosphere of Holy Fire in your home, where you can encounter the heavenly sapphire.

God is not limiting you; He wants to partner with you and cause you to walk in the power of the holy spirit on the earth, continually receiving from Heaven.

Pre-Launch Book Offer

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