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Package includes:
  • Taking Off the Limitations book
    Jesus said that, when it comes to living in the Kingdom of God, we are called to become "like little children". Little children do not believe they are limited by anything unless they are told. So, who told you that it's okay to live with limitations?
    Kevin Zadai had a life-changing supernatural experience in Heaven that has motivated and directed every message he has felt called to share. Kevin is confident that when the angels in Heaven see you, they do not consider you a failure. In fact, they have access to divine intel from the Books of Heaven that reveal every victory, success, and breakthrough you are destined to walk in.
    This dynamic teaching will show you how to:
    • Access your supernatural freedom as a believer created in the image of God.
    • Recognize God's power and provision through intimate fellowship in prayer.
    • Walk in increased awareness of what Heaven says about you through connection with the Holy Spirit.
    • Live from your redeemed spirit and walk in victory over the flesh.
    • Function in the limitless realm of God's Kingdom by walking in childlike faith.
    Through Jesus Christ, God has removed every limitation from you. It's time to fulfill your supernatural destiny by agreeing with what Heaven says about you!

  • Taking Off the Limitations CD
    Learn how to take the limits off your life with this powerful teaching, prayer, and impartation recording.

Taking Off the Limitations Package

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