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Kathi and I love the way that God has led us to meet each other and chose us to marry and eventually minister to the nations together. There are many intimate details to relay to you in our new book, Prayer Nations. In the book, Kathi shares some intimate details about her life and how God was able to develop her character to become part of this mighty move of God through Warrior Notes. We share some key points such as:
  • The Plan is Not Too Grand
  • Going the Second Mile
  • Get Your Eyes Off Man
  • Prayer Nations
  • Your Vision from God
  • The Fire of God
  • The Importance of Words
  • Revelation of the Kingdom
  • It's God%u2019s Plan that Stands
  • Rest and Trust in Him
  • God's Original Purpose.
We believe that Kathi's insight and wisdom will help you to excel in your journey of pleasing Him in everything you do. Enjoy the book!
Dr. Kevin and Kathi Zadai

Prayer Nations: When God Suddenly Comes In - Book

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