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People have asked me if there were prior indications that the supernatural event that occurred to me in the fall of 1992 was about to happen%u2026 and there were. Three months prior to the event I sensed that I was going to pass from earth to heaven. The feeling was so strong that I updated my beneficiaries with my employer of about five years, a major airline. I even told a friend that when I prayed I sensed that I might be going to heaven soon and told her not to be sad if I left. I wasn%u2019t afraid to die. In fact, when I thought of dying, I felt an indescribable peace.

I was spending my days working for an airline and my free time doing what I could to help people; especially the poor and homeless. But, I was starting to feel somewhat detached from this realm. I felt ready to go; however, it didn%u2019t make sense to me that I should die because I had many productive years of life ahead of me. Even though I was sensing all of this, I had no idea what was about to happen.

Heavenly Visitation Book

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